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Sew Much Cooler wanted a reel to capture a photo shoot that was showcasing her new line of fabrics and styles. This turned out to be a really great filming session in the heart of Philadelphia, offering fantastic backdrops for this local children’s fashion designer.

Stephano-Slack LLC is an excellent accounting and tax advice firm with locations in Wayne, PA and Wilmington, DE. After their first experience with AnySpace Productions filming and editing a reel for their annual Cigar & Scotch event (, they decided to come back for more content! This time, a general promotional reel for their company, highlighting what sets them apart from other firms in the area.

Every year, Stephano-Slack LLC employees embark on an epic tournament during one of the most notorious sporting events of the year…The Masters! A putting challenge and a deliciously catered lunch gives the hardworking employees a bit of a break from the grind of tax season for an accounting firm. This reel was the result of great footage and the spirit of sportsmanship that lives in all of us. This reel is a great example of how a business can lean into the less serious side of their profession so clients and customers can get to know the people behind the product or service.

First State Building & Design just finished their brand-new outdoor showroom. This reel caught the progression of the project over several months. We utilized the drone for 90% of this reel and transitioned over to traditional videography for the last couple of shoots to capture the finer details of final result. Stop by anytime to visit the FSBD Team and check out the beautiful outdoor space to see what they can do for you!

Devon Prep had an amazing 2021-22 basketball season! This reel captures the pure energy, talent, dedication, leadership and teamwork that drove this team to take the championship win. It’s an emotional rollercoaster when you view this reel. This took several filming sessions and a lot of post-production effort, but in the end, it was one of our favorite projects and the Devon Prep team loved how it turned out! If you need a hype reel with this kind of energy, AnySpace Productions is the answer.

After 50 years of teaching at Devon Prep, Mike Collins is a living legend at the school. As sad as it is, even legends deserve to retire at some point, and this reel celebrates the epic career and dedication that Mike had for Devon Prep. It also explains how his legend will carry on past his career and keep Devon Prep excelling at preparing young men to bring their learned values and skills into the world. The reel does a great job of capturing this moment in Devon Prep history.

If you need an event captured or would like to celebrate a career by memorializing it a reel like this, visit us at and submit a request for a quote.

When we film for clients on location at various venues and destinations, we often end up with a lot of really cool footage of the location. As a result, we typically cut together a bonus promotional reel for the establishment for purchase at a dramatically reduced price.

This is one we edited for Way Out West Ranch near Tucson, AZ after capturing some cool footage of a ride.

Sew Much Cooler is the quintessential small business that we aim to serve by creating online content at an affordable price. Lindsay is a great client, and we had a great time shooting this reel for her business to help it grow.

Another one is on tap and we are looking forward to getting started on the filming.

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