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While on a lengthy job in Maui, HI, we had the opportunity to help out some good friends to film a sizzle reel so they can effectively promote their rental property in Kihei through VRBO and AirBnB. This is a beautiful, newly restored house…RIGHT ON THE BEACH!

This was a beautiful townhouse renovation job in Conshohoken, PA. It was a tight spot for drone, but we got some flight time in. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, this reel still sizzled, generated interest in the listing, and helped ultimately move the house. Something like this can be shot in less than two hours.

This reel marks another addition to our real estate portfolio for a Compass Realty listing in Havertown, PA. This is a great example of a very affordable option that AnySpace Productions offers to those interested in promoting the sale or rental of real estate. In this reel we only captured video footage of the exterior of the house with one of our drones.

We then utilized still photography provided by the realtor to insert into the video and in post-production we added graphics, music, and text to highlight necessary aspects of the home. This home sold almost immediately after the open house.

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