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Devon Prep had an amazing 2021-22 basketball season! This reel captures the pure energy, talent, dedication, leadership and teamwork that drove this team to take the championship win. It’s an emotional rollercoaster when you view this reel. This took several filming sessions and a lot of post-production effort, but in the end, it was one of our favorite projects and the Devon Prep team loved how it turned out! If you need a hype reel with this kind of energy, AnySpace Productions is the answer.

After 50 years of teaching at Devon Prep, Mike Collins is a living legend at the school. As sad as it is, even legends deserve to retire at some point, and this reel celebrates the epic career and dedication that Mike had for Devon Prep. It also explains how his legend will carry on past his career and keep Devon Prep excelling at preparing young men to bring their learned values and skills into the world. The reel does a great job of capturing this moment in Devon Prep history.

If you need an event captured or would like to celebrate a career by memorializing it a reel like this, visit us at and submit a request for a quote.

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